Serving those who serve

Military Outreach Is A Work Of The Bear Valley Church Of Christ In Denver Colorado

A Program To Help You Grow In Faith, Work And Service

While the Military Outreach program may be new to you, it is really the reactivation, in 2012, of a program that operated from 1980 thru the mid 1990's under the elders' leadership of the Bear Valley Church of Christ in Denver Colorado.  They will are once providing the needed leadership and Dick Brant, USN Retired, is again serveing as the program director.   

This program of work is designed to send a teacher or teaching team to a congregation anywhere they are invited, worldwide. The length of time our teacher spends with your congregation can be from a few days to a few months.

The procedure to have one of our teachers or teaching teams come to your congregation is really quite simple:

  *You select the subject or subjects to be taught

*You select the dates and length of stay.

 *We provide all training materials.

      *We provide transportation costs to your location. 

     *You provide local transportation, housing, and meals.

 This is normally  provided by one of the families in the congregation.

Our teaching staff is ready to help you grow in faith, service, and outreach. No matter where you are located, stateside or overseas, we are prepared to serve congregations anywhere in the world.  

In the past we have served congregations in Germany, England, Korea, Italy and Japan just to mention a few. This is in addition to a number of stateside locations. We look forward to serving your congregation. 

Program Director:   

Dick Brant  USN Retired


Cell Number 303-888-7693

Program Coordinator: 

John Phillis  USA Retired  


Cell Number 505-382-0579

Pray for us often as we seek to serve thoes who serve.

Last, let me mention as retired service members both John and I know firsthand many of the difficulties you face each day. We are ready to serve you as brothers in Christ.